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The Cliff Game
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in The Cliff Game's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
5:51 pm
Philip K. Dick, Robert A. Heinlein, L. Ron Hubbard
Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
8:12 pm
In honor of 1 year of idleness...
Livejournal, Myspace, blawg software
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
1:12 am
Rock Out
Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin.
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
1:50 pm
I've actually considered these choices before....
Sue Richards, Kitty Pryde, or the She-Hulk.
10:29 am
...of having great power in the upper limbs
Lance Armstrong, Neil Armstrong, Louis Armstrong
10:13 am
Starts with "WO"
Virginia Woolf, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
10:31 pm
Running, Swimming, Bicycling.

and of course, a VERY different cliff game:

A runner, a swimmer, and a bicyclist.
Saturday, July 17th, 2004
2:00 am
A special one from our friend...
This one's from Crackmonkey. Yes it is GEEKY.

Your choices:


Thursday, July 15th, 2004
6:48 pm
Girls in Space
Kaylee, Inara, Zoe.
Monday, July 12th, 2004
3:00 pm
Sunday, July 11th, 2004
11:14 pm
One to start off.
Ok this is the easiest one to start with.

  • Wonder Woman
  • Xena
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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